Environment protection

25 percent reduction in CO2 emissions – that’s our goal

Entrepreneurial activities always cause CO2 emissions; they can’t be avoided completely.

We see it as our obligation to reduce these emissions in areas that we can actively influence and have therefore made environmental protection an integral part of all our processes. The natureOffice GmbH – a counselling body for voluntary climate protection – has carefully examined our company and identified a strategy to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

This strategy is based on our CO2 footprint, which does not only show the total amount of emission but also where exactly these CO2 gases are emitted. It is our goal to reduce this CO2 footprint through systematic measures throughout our entire company. By 2009 we aim to reduce our footprint by 25 percent. We are constantly heading for this goal taking many individual steps in all areas of our company. These are our contributions to an environment friendly company:


Green electricity

In all its subsidiaries Christ Removals uses green electricity from 100 percent renewable sources, e.g. water, wind, biomass or photovoltaics. Besides the positive effects on the environment using green energy increases demand and the number of green energy plants.


Lighting and computers

Christ Removals uses energy-saving lights in all its offices. This reduces our energy consumption for lighting by 50 percent. To avoid waste through stand-by mode we use detachable connection plug boards.



Christ Removals uses local suppliers who implement a environment friendly company policy. We buy environment friendly products whenever possible – from recycled paper to low energy office equipment.



Christ Removals invests in photovoltaic systems. On our own roofs and others that we rent we produce approximately 1.5 mill. Kilowatt hours per year – this corresponds to a consumption of about 500 three people households.


Waste disposal

Avoiding comes before reducing which comes before recycling. This is our concept for waste disposal. It includes reusing cartons as well as waste separation for a maximal recycling rate.


Our fleet

Our fleet is maintained at regular intervals to make sure the vehicles are in good condition. In addition, the tyre pressure is checked monthly to reduce fuel consumption and keep emissions at a minimum.



Christ heats its Stuttgart branch exclusively with the company-owned block-type thermal power station and two pellet-burning boilers.



We have produced guidelines for our staff which remind them to purchase environment friendly materials. In regular courses our drivers are trained to reduce the fuel consumption of their vehicles as much as possible.