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Employee relocation

Satisfied emplyoees are the key to success.

As a long-term partner of large enterprises, we arrange relocations for your employees in case of professional transfers, site relocations or the entry of a new employee.

No matter whether it is a national or an international relocation, we guarantee a relaxed start in the new workplace.

Christ offers:

Framework Contracts for pre-determined and consistent pricing and subservices.

Your employees benefit from:

  • Professional, competent and free consulting and advisement
  • Non-binding proposal preparation
  • Transport-proof packing: standard and special packing
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture and kitchen
  • Advance delivery of packing material
  • Electrical and sanitary work
  • Setting up no-parking zones
  • Unpacking service
  • Intermediate and long-term storage

Your benefits:

  • Satisfied and relaxed employees.
  • Fast, reliable and competent processing and handling of your employees‘ relocation.

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